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Senin Agustus 8th, 2011

Pengumuman hasil seleksi BPPS tahap I TA 2011/2012

Hasil seleksi BPPS tahap I bisa diakses di sini
Selasa April 19th, 2011

Info tambahan bagi calon Maba yang mengajukan BPPS

Berdasarkan surat dari DIKTENDIK DITJEN DIKTI nomor : 421/D4.4/2011 tanggal 28 Pebruari 2011 perihal Alokasi BPPS on-line tahun 2011 serta hasil sosialisasi Pendaftaran BPPS on-line tahun […]
Rabu Pebruari 16th, 2011

Agroforestry Interactions in Rainfed Agriculture: Can Hedgerow Intercropping Systems Sustain Crop Yield on an Ultisol in Lampung (Indonesia)?

The productivity of rainfed agriculture land developed on Ultisols is limited by physical and chemical constraints. These problems can be solved and consistently high yields obtained […]
Rabu Pebruari 16th, 2011

International Symposium on Entrepreneurial University February 21st 2011 University of Brawijaya

Throughout modern history of sustained economic growth and catching-up hypothesis have been supported by a country’s ability to produce and dissiminate science and technology knowledge. Catch-up […]